Original Eco Chicken Housing Made From Recycled Plastic

All of the Eco Chicken Houses in our range are made from 100% recycled plastic and will be built to save you time and stress. A recycled plastic chicken house will help reduce red mite infestation in your birds. They are cheaper than most rival eco chicken houses because the manufacturer takes part in the recycling process and passes savings in cost and material back to you the customer.

Eco Chicken House Size

There are various sizes of housing made from our recycled plastic available for all types of poultry suitable for chickens, hens, ducks and even geese.

Large – Eco Chicken House

The Eco Chicken Ark

Like all our poultry houses the Ark is made from recycled plastic which will be easy to maintain and hygienic. A roomy 5ftby 4ft house gives ample space for upto 10 chickens or hens.

the eco chicken ark is a large eco chicken house

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Medium – Eco Chicken House

The Eco Hen House

The original eco chicken house from Solway Recycling. Often copied but never bettered robust recycled plastic structure with no cracks or gaps for little creepy crawlies to hide and disturb your flock.

Available with or without extension run which is made of galvanised steel to keep out even the strongest of predators.

A roomy 4ft by 2.5ft suitable for 4 to 6 chickens or hens. An excellent house for ducks also.


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Small – Eco Chicken Houses

The Eco Chicken Loft

Innovative new design alows your chickens shelter underneath this elevated coop. Easy clean surfaces and a removable roof make cleaning and caring for your birds a breeze.

eco chicken loft small eco chicken house

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The Eco Chicken Coop

Originally launched at the time of the 2010 Royal Highland Show this little recycled plastic chicken coop has proved a huge hit with customers. Lightweight and mobile a real gem and the perfect beginners house. Small but perfectly formed can have 10ft squared of run space added to make a larger environment for your birds.

the mini chicken coop an excellent choice of small chicken house

All our eco chicken houses will be almost red mite proof. Cheaper than the competitions products and built to last in many different styles to suit any environment.

We’ve something for the farming community, smallholder and the backyard chicken keeper.

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